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Продавам гигабитов, управляем, стекируем суич, 48-порта, Enterasys C2G124-48


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Продавам гигабитов, управляем, стекируем суич, 48-порта, Enterasys C2G124-48 с планки за монтаж в 19" шкаф.
Всички RJ45-портове и SFP-слотове са тествани и нямат проблеми.

Enterasys_C2_G124_48_web_01.png Enterasys_C2_G124_48_web_02.png 


Enterasys C2-Series Boot Code...
SDRAM Circuit Test of 255MB

Version 01.00.47 12-11-2008

Computing MD5 Checksum of operational code...
Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then
operational code will start.

1 - Start operational code.
2 - Start Boot Menu.
Select (1, 2):

Operational Code Date: Wed Feb 10 10:24:53 2010

                       50%                     100%
Attaching interface lo0...done

Adding 62842 symbols for standalone.
SOC unit 0 attached to PCI device BCM5695_B0
SOC unit 1 attached to PCI device BCM5695_B0
SOC unit 2 attached to PCI device BCM5695_B0
SOC unit 3 attached to PCI device BCM5695_B0
SOC unit 4 attached to PCI device BCM5670_A1
Adding BCM transport pointers
Configuring CPUTRANS TX
Configuring CPUTRANS RX
st_state(0) = 0x0
st_state(1) = 0x2

(Unit 1)(STACK: master on 0:11:88:b3:5b:b3 (1 cpu, 5 units)
STACK: attach 5 units on 1 cpu
This switch is manager of the stack.


<165>May 11 12:40:10 USER_MGR[1]: 72 % User:admin logged in from console

Enterasys SecureStack C2
Command Line Interface

Enterasys Networks, Inc.
50 Minuteman Rd.
Andover, MA 01810-1008 U.S.A.

Phone: +1 978 684 1000
E-mail: support@enterasys.com
WWW: http://www.enterasys.com

(c) Copyright Enterasys Networks, Inc. 2007

Chassis Serial Number:      08220062905J
Chassis Firmware Revision:

C2(su)->show system
System contact:
System location:
System name:

Switch 1
PS1-Status                         PS2-Status
----------                         ----------
Ok                                 Not Installed and/or Not Operating

Fan1-Status                        Fan2-Status
-----------                        -----------
Ok                                 Ok

Thermal Threshold: 64%
Temp alarm max threshold:  100%
Temp alarm trap: disabled
Temp alarm syslog: disabled
Uptime d,h:m:s  Logout
--------------  -------
0,0:1:41        5 min

Намира се в Пловдив.
тел.: 0885 199 229
Цена: 250 230 220 лв.


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България - земя, като една човешка дLAN...
". . . явно самото оптично влакно привлича светкавиците и ги пуска по мрежата във вид на ярка светлина и се задръства сичко от мноото светлина . . ."

Всички мои обяви - network.olx.bg

Изпращам само с ЕКОНТ. Не изпращам със спиди/speedy! Никога вече!!!

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