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RouterOS 6.35


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Доста актуализации от сутринта

Актуализиран е и фирмуера


What's new in 6.35 (2016-Apr-14 12:55):

Known issue: some huawei lte modems might not get IP address after the reboot of the router - disable/enable of the modems interface fixes that

*) arp - apply Linux Kernel patch to stop RouterOS from randomly exhibiting misplaced ARPs;
*) mipsbe - (excluding RB4xx and CRS series) fixed rare ethernet tx buffer corruption;
*) nand - implemented once a week nand refresh to improve stored data integrity (will increase sector writes);
*) pppoe-client - implemented fastpath support;
*) l2tp - implemented l2tp and lns fastpath/fasttrack support;
*) queue - added bucket-size setting to queues (derived from max-limit);
*) tile - fixed rare situation when some cores decide not to take part in packet processing till next reboot;
*) tunnels - fixed performance slowdown on any other tunnel disable/enable;
*) winbox - increased minimal required winbox version to 3.4;
*) wireless - added new package "wireless-rep";
*) wireless - improved 1-chain 802.11ac station compatibility with other vendor multi-chain APs;
*) address-list - fixed crash in low memory situations;
*) bonding - fixed crash when creating vlans on bonding interface;
*) capsman - added 802.11g/n band;
*) capsman - fixed capsman extension channel names;
*) certificate  - revoked certificates not showing as (R)evoked;
*) certificate - allow manual crl url addition;
*) chr - added support for VLAN on Hyper-V;
*) chr - fixed Hyper-V booting from SCSI;
*) chr - fixed Hyper-V on windows 8/10 reboot loop;
*) chr - fixed bridge firewall;
*) chr - fixed kernel crash when virtual ethernet was not connected to anything in Hyper-V;
*) chr - implemented automatic storage increase on disk image size increase;
*) chr - implemented kernel crash saving to autosupout.rif (will utilize additional 24Mb of RAM);
*) chr - make shutdown request from hyper-v work (might fix other hypervisor as well);
*) chr - no more installation on first boot;
*) chr - try to renew expired license once a hour instead of 100h;
*) cloud - don't write minor status changes to storage;
*) console - fixed print follow  in "/ip dns cache" menu;
*) console - show RouterOS Version in  /interface wireless scan;
*) console - sort completions/hints in natural order;
*) console - update copyright notice;
*) defconf - fixed default configuration for SXT LTE;
*) dhcpv6-client - fixed wrong error message;
*) dhcpv6-client - fix ia expiration and lifetime validation;
*) dhcpv6-server - acquire binding on renew if it does not exist;
*) dude - (changes discussed here: http://forum.mikrotik.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=104395);
*) dude - fixed dude login logging, no more shows as winbox login;
*) email - fixed send cmd server addr override;
*) ethernet - add option to see S-GPON-ONU module, GPON side SN in "/int eth mon sfp#";
*) ethernet - do not allow to set self as master port;
*) export - bonding did not show up in global export;
*) export - exclude default values from export in  "/interface l2tp-server server" menu;
*) export - fixed export when ipv6  address was taken from pool;
*) export - fixed rare situations when not whole config was exported;
*) export - updated defaults for compact export;
*) fastpath - fixed crash when packet arrives on disabled interface;
*) fastpath - fixed show rx-bits-per-second on all VLAN interfaces;
*) fastpath - improved vlan fastpath;
*) fasttrack - fixed timer updating in connections table for fasttrack connections;
*) fetch - decrease connection idle timeout;
*) firewall - added experimental "action=route" in mangle prerouting - that forces packets to specific gateway by ignoring routing decisions (CLI only);
*) health - always report fan speed (even if it is 0);
*) health - swap fan2 and fan3 on CCR1072;
*) hotspot - clean-up all dead entries at once;
*) hotspot - fixed possible deadlock;
*) hotspot - improved html page resistance against attacks;
*) hotspot - make video tag work properly on hotspot login.html page
*) ip - rename max-arp-entries to less confusing max-neighbor-entries;
*) ippool6 - fixed potential crash;
*) ipsec - always re-key ph1 because it was possible that ph1 without DPD would expire;
*) ipsec - better flush on proposal change;
*) ipsec - fixed crash on policy update;
*) ipsec - fixed fast ph2 SA addition;
*) ipsec - fixed larval SA refresh for display;
*) ipsec - fixed multiple consecutive dynamic policy flush;
*) l2tp & pppoe - fixed user traffic accounting when fastpath was used;
*) l2tp -  introduced per tunnel allow-fast-path option;
*) l2tp - added support for Hidden AVP, it is needed for proxy authentication;
*) l2tp - added support for max-sessions;
*) l2tp - added support for proxy authentication when receiving forwarded PPPoE sessions;
*) l2tp - fixed small memory leak on reconnects;
*) lcd - fixed branding packet logo drawing on startup;
*) led - fixed crash on assigned interface removal;
*) led - turn on fault led on CCR1072 if CPU too hot;
*) leds - fixed AP-CAP led blinking after successful association to CAPsMAN;
*) lte - added ipv6 support for SXT LTE;
*) lte - changed AT command processing;
*) lte - changed AT parsing because supported Huawei modems use unsolicited events instead of polling;
*) lte - fixed bandlux modem dialing;
*) lte - fixed crash on early initialization;
*) lte - improve situation when SXT modem never finds operator;
*) lte - replaced signal-strength with rssi in info command;
*) lte - support Alt38XX modem;
*) lte - support for zte mf820s2;
*) lte - supported modems now use unsolicited events for network monitoring;
*) lte - use timer for modem info;
*) map lite - added hardware WPS button support;
*) mpls - do not reset VPLS on TE tunnel re-optimize;
*) ntp - fixed ntp client hangs in reached state;
*) ospf - fixed crash when getting neighbor router-id in NBMA area;
*) ppp -  fixed ppp interface reconnect when uPnP was used;
*) ppp - close connection if peer wants to re-authenticate;
*) ppp - fixed memory leak high number of pppoe clients to the same server;
*) ppp - fixed ppp crash if lcp packets were lost and authentication got delayed;
*) ppp - fixed some clients can not connect due to LCP restart;
*) pppoe - added rfc4679 support;
*) pppoe - fixed crash when removing  pppoe service;
*) pppoe-server - added pado-delay option;
*) profiler - classify certificate signing;
*) proxy - fixed ftp request url decode;
*) queue - improve "/queue interface" menu;
*) quickset - fixed invalid date adjusted the signal threshold for the signal chart and refresh rate;
*) quickset - fixed situations when hidden password was passed as ******* from winbox nd webfig;
*) radius - warn radius client if incorrect secret is being used;
*) rb3011 - fixed sfp compatibility with CCR when using direct attached cables;
*) rb3011 - fixed time keeping;
*) rb3011 - make ether6-ether10 work if SFP module is present on bootup;
*) romon-ssh - fixed active addresses for romon user;
*) route - do not show duplicate gateway on connected route;
*) route - fixed filter by routing table;
*) routing - fixed rare kernel failure on different dynamic routing configurations;
*) routing - fixed routing-marks were not erased from memory when they are not being used;
*) services - do not show ssh entry under ip services if security package is disabled;
*) snmp - don't group oids for bulk get with maxreps > 1 ;
*) snmp - fixed cpu load reporting to 1min average and change oid to;
*) snmp - fixed dhcpv4 lease hwaddr format according to mib;
*) snmp - fixed getbulk result ordering with multiple request OIDs;
*) ssh - simplify login process;
*) ssl - optimized certificate update;
*) system - log time changes;
*) tile - corrected max-l2mtu;
*) tile - fixed fastpath related memory leak;
*) tile - fixed performance regression on switch chip (introduced in 6.33rc18);
*) tile-crypto - fixed minor memory leak;
*) tool fetch - fixed https cleanup on user stop while handshaking;
*) trafficgen - fixed console arguments;
*) trafficgen - fixed crash when unexpected stream reappears;
*) trafflow - fixed potential deadlock;
*) ups - fixed entering hibernate mode when below battery capacity limit;
*) users - added separate RoMoN policy;
*) webfig - fixed firewall rule sorting did not work in other chains except all;
*) webfig - show single item groups as optional values;
*) webfig - sort numeric columns numerically even if they contain some text;
*) winbox - added "pw-type" to "/interface vpls bgp-vpls" menu;
*) winbox - added "use-control-word" and "pw-mtu" to "/interface vpls cisco-bgp-vpls" menu;
*) winbox - added /interface wireless setup-repeater;
*) winbox - added all the rates settings to the capsman;
*) winbox - added flip-screen option to lcd settings;
*) winbox - added init-delay option to routerboard settings;
*) winbox - added ipv6 firewall missing log option;
*) winbox - added missing eap-ttls-mschamv2 method to wireless security profile;
*) winbox - added mtu=auto support to eoipv6 tunnel;
*) winbox - added sfp-mac for GPON interfaces;
*) winbox - added support for new settings from wireless-rep package;
*) winbox - added support for route action in mangle rules;
*) winbox - allow to set additional-network-modes;
*) winbox - allow to set multiple dh-groups;
*) winbox - disable autostart for wireless scan,snooper,align etc. on open;
*) winbox - do not show "enable-jumper-reset" setting on devices without serial port;
*) winbox - do not show real-tx-power column in current-tx-power by default;
*) winbox - fixed unset options in /routing ospf interface menu;
*) winbox - hotspot default-trial user shows profile as "unknown" in Winbox;
*) winbox - improved winbox connection loss detection, fixes winbox safe mode;
*) winbox - limit ospf key to 16 symbols;
*) winbox - make additional-network-mode optional for lte interface;
*) winbox - make build with latest lte changes;
*) winbox - make mrru disabled and set mtu+mru to auto by default on new servers;
*) winbox - show "usb-power-reset" option on all boards that have it;
*) wireless - fixed crash on nstreme-dual interface stats update;
*) wireless-rep - added 802.11g/n only band;
*) wireless-rep - added STEP feature for the scan-list;
*) wireless-rep - added WPS client support;
*) wireless-rep - added support for saving wireless scan results to file;
*) wireless-rep - added support for wireless background scan for 802.11 protocol;
*) wireless-rep - added support for wireless repeater mode for 802.11 protocol;
*) wireless-rep - added support for wireless scan rounds setting;
*) wireless-rep - adjust roaming scan times;
*) wireless-rep - allow to connect to AP after scan;
*) wireless-rep - do not allow empty ssid for AP modes;
*) wireless-rep - fixed crash on non-HT clients;
*) wireless-rep - fixed latency issues with Intel wireless clients;
*) wireless-rep - fixed nv2 protocol;
*) wireless-rep - fixed qos frame-priority when nv2 protocol used in station-wds mode;
*) wireless-rep - fixed signal leds;
*) wireless-rep - fixed speed issue when connected with Intel 802.11ac;
*) wireless-rep - initial support for station roaming for station mode in 802.11 protocol;
*) wireless-rep - request interface name for setup-repeater;
*) wireless-rep - use full identity where possible;
*) wireless-rep,capsman - added more configuration settings;
*) wireless-rep,capsman - added rate config support.


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Харесай поста ^^^
acer.gif htc.gifsigpic4024_2.gif

Форумът е за взаимопомощ а не за свършване на чужда работа

ɹɐǝɥ uɐɔ noʎ ǝɹoɯ ǝɥʇ 'ǝɯoɔǝq noʎ ɹǝʇǝınb ǝɥʇ

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И задължително нов winbox 3.4, защото не те пуска със стара версия :) 

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То това е 9-тото в списъка

Харесай поста ^^^
acer.gif htc.gifsigpic4024_2.gif

Форумът е за взаимопомощ а не за свършване на чужда работа

ɹɐǝɥ uɐɔ noʎ ǝɹoɯ ǝɥʇ 'ǝɯoɔǝq noʎ ɹǝʇǝınb ǝɥʇ

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