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Продавам управляем Layer 2 Switch Nortel Networks BayStack 380-24T


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Продавам гигабитов управляем Layer 2 суич Nortel Networks BayStack 380-24T
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BayStack 380-24T Diagnostics

Testing main memory - PASSED

Resets: 88.
Initializing Flash..
Reading MAC Address..
MAC Address: 00:11:58:F1:17:C0
Initializing Switch CBs
Initializing Switch HW..
Board Type: 5
Board Variation: 0
Board Revision: 4
Manufacture Revision: 02
Manufacture Date: 20041111
Serial Number: SACC08065K
MAC Address: 00:11:58:F1:17:C0
Redundant DC: UNKNOWN
Board AC: OK

Type: Address: Name:__________ Version:
DIAG 00000000 380-Diags
AGENT 00100000 BS380 AGENT

Test 102 ROM Config - PASSED
Test 104 FANs - PASSED
Test 206 DRAM Cached/Uncached - PASSED
Test 207 PCI Bridge Registers - PASSED
Test 208 SOCs Direct Registers - PASSED
Test 211 PHYs Register - PASSED
Test 212 Port Internal Loopback - PASSED
Test 215 Switch Interrupt - PASSED
Test 216 PHYs Interrupt - PASSED
Test 220 Switch 1<->2 - PASSED

GBIC-21 Type: SX
GBIC-22 Type: SX
GBIC-23 Type: SX
GBIC-24 Type: SX

Starting Agent Code..

Decompressing the image ...

* Nortel Networks *
* Copyright © 1996-2003 *
* All Rights Reserved *
* BayStack 380-24T *
* Ver: HW:02 FW: SW:v3.0.0.39 *

Enter Ctrl-Y to begin.

BayStack 380-24T Main Menu

IP Configuration/Setup...
SNMP Configuration...
System Characteristics...
Switch Configuration...
Console/Comm Port Configuration...
Display Hardware Units...
Spanning Tree Configuration...
TELNET Configuration...
Software Download...
Configuration File...
Display System Log
Reset to Default Settings
Command Line Interface

Use arrow keys to highlight option, press <Return> or <Enter> to select option.

System Characteristics

Operation Mode: Switch

MAC Address: 00-11-58-F1-17-C0

Reset Count: 0
Last Reset Type: Power Cycle
Power Status: Primary Power

sysDescr: BayStack 380-24T HW:02 FW: SW:v3.0.0.39
sysUpTime: 0 days, 00:00:32
sysServices: 3
sysContact: [ ]
sysName: [ ]
sysLocation: [ ]

Enter text, press <Return> or <Enter> when complete.
Press Ctrl-R to return to previous menu. Press Ctrl-C to return to Main Menu.

Намира се в Пловдив.
тел.: 0885 199 229
Цена: 120 110 100 90 80 лв.

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България - земя, като една човешка дLAN...
". . . явно самото оптично влакно привлича светкавиците и ги пуска по мрежата във вид на ярка светлина и се задръства сичко от мноото светлина . . ."

Всички мои обяви - network.olx.bg

Изпращам само с ЕКОНТ. Не изпращам със спиди/speedy! Никога вече!!!

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