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CPE = 100 лв

Тодор Лазаров

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Смятам да внеса малко бройки от това CPE.

Excellent outdoor complete customer solutions. Set includes waterproof, UV resistant box with a 5 GHz antenna and a unique client unit with 22 dBm power, and integrated Atheros chips double overvoltage protection.


UBNT: 18db antenna + WispStation AP / Client (5GHz)



Operation mode: AP, Client, Bridge, WDS

Frequence:      5 GHz

Transmission speed:      1, 2, 6, 11, 24 ,36, 48, 54 Mbps

Chipset:      Atheros AR5213

TX Power regulation      yes, after 1db

Sensitivity:      -96 dBm

Modulation:      OFDM, DBPSK, DQPSK, CCK

Power supply:      POE (12-18 V)

Operational temperature      -20 - 80 °C

Dimension:      200 x 203 x 65 mm

Supported OS      AirOS

Polarization      H / V

Radiating angle - H      20°

Radiating angle - V      20°

Орентировъчна цена 100 лв.

Който иска да свирка: todor.lazarov @ chepelare-bg.net

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колко бройки трябва да се поръчат ?

Wireless is more temperamental & variable than a woman’s mood! ;)
"no matter how hard you try, you just can NOT please everyone"

"където глупостта е образец-там разума е безумие.."Гьоте

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Мо ако имаш интерес на първо време може и 50 бр.

Ако ти се виждат много пиши на поща: todor.lazarov @ chepelare-bg.net все ще се разберем.

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