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Ubiquiti AirMax Certified Training

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Убикуити стартират кампания Ubiquiti Academy - http://www.ubnt.com/training/overview

Ще има отделни курсове за всяка от продуктовите линии - AirMAX, AirVision, UniFi.

В момента се организират Train The Trainer course AirMAX - http://www.ubnt.com/training/calendar

Условията са - http://dl.ubnt.com/docs/training/UCT-Brochure.pdf

The first round of courses is special and is only offered to potential Ubiquiti Certified Trainers as part of an Authorized Training Partner program.

Моля споделете дали Ви интересува курс Ubiquiti airMAX Certified Admin в България и дали бихте се записали или изпратили служител от вашата фирма при цена от 400-450 лeвa без ДДС за двудневен курс. След успешен изпит се издава сертификат от Убикуити.

Ubiquiti airMAX Certified Admin

The Ubiquiti airMAX Certified (UAC) course is the first course offered by the Ubiquiti Training Academy. This hands-on course provides both the background of foundational knowledge and the hands-on experience of building out a wireless communications system using Ubiquiti equipment.

Course Outline

  • RF Fundamentals
  • Antenna Fundamentals
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Link Calculations
  • Installation Best Practices
  • Ubiquiti's Unique Features

Mikrotik & Ubiquiti Networks Distributor.

Antennas Manufacturer.

Online Sales of Wireless Equipment.

Wireless Services & Solutions.

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