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Продавам дънна платка MSI K9A2 PLATINUM (160лв.+доставка)


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Цена: 160 лева

Перфектна стабилна дънна платка, работи безупречно! Идеална за гейминг машини с AMD процесори и оувърклокинг. Напълно окомплектована с

кутия и всички прилежащи книжки, дискове с драйвъри и др. чаркове. Актуален ъпдейт от страницата на производителя.

За повече информация долу!

Характеристика на дънната платка:

CPU AM3 Ready

• AMD® Phenom/Athlon/Sempron in the Socket AM2+ package.

Hyper Transport Bus

• HyperTransport 3.0 supporting speed up to 5200MT/s

- AM2 CPU supports HyperTransport 1.0/2.0

- AM2+ CPU supports HyperTransport 3.0


• AMD® 790FX and SB600 Chipset

Main Memory

• Supports Dual DDR2 533/667/800/1066 (1066 for AM2+ only)

- 4 DDR2 DIMMs (240pin / 1.8V)

- Supports a maximum memory size up to 8GB.


• 2 mazarine PCI Express x16 slots (PCI Express Bus SPEC V2.0 compliant; supports CrossFire Technology)

• 2 light-blue PCI Express x16 slots with x8 operations (PCI Express Bus SPEC V2.0 compliant; supports CrossFire Technology)

• When 4 PCI Express x16 slots are all installed, the PCIE x 16 lanes will auto arrange form x16/ x0/ x16/ x0 to x8/ x8/ x8/ x8

• 1 PCI Express x1 slots

• 2 PCI slots, support 3.3V/ 5V PCI bus Interface.

On-Board IDE

• One IDE port by AMD® SB600

- Supports Ultra DMA 66/100/133 mode

- Supports PIO, Bus Master operation mode

- Can connect up to two IDE devices

On-Board SATA

• 4 SATA II (1~4) ports by AMD® SB600

• 2 SATA II (5~6) ports by Promise® T3, support SAS ready devices, for storage devices only

• 2 eSATA ports by Promise® T3, for storage devices only

- Supports storage and data transfers at up to 3Gb/s

RAID Function

- SATA II 1~4 support RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 mode by AMD® SB600

- SATA II 5~6 & 2 eSATA ports support RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 mode by Promise® T3

• Chipset integrated by Realtek® ALC888/ALC888T

- Flexible 8-channel audio with jack sensing

- Compliant with Azalia 1.0 Spec


• Realtek PCI-E GbLAN controller 8111B

- Integrated Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY in single chip

- Supports 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s and 1000Mb/s

- Compliance with PCI-Express Bus specification v1.0a

IEEE1394 / FireWire

• Chipset integrated by VIA® VT6308P

- Transfer rate is up to 400Mbps

Internal I/O Connectors

- ATX 24-pin power connector

- ATX 4-pin 12V CPU power connector

- ATX 4-pin VGA power connector

- CPU / System x 4 FAN connectors

- CD-in connector

- Front panel audio connector

- Front panel connector

- 3 x USB 2.0 connector support additional 6 ports

- 1 x Floppy disk drive connector

- 6 x Serial ATA II connectors

- 1 x ATA133 HD connectors

- 1 x SPDIF-out header

- 1 x IEEE1394 connector support additional 1 port

- 1 x Serial port header (optional)

- 1 x VoIP card header (optional)

В рамките на гр. София доставям на адрес, изпращам с Еконт за страната(опция отвори преди да платиш).

ЗА КОНТАКТИ: Емеил: speachless77@abv.bg











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