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ATX -> AT power supply conversion


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ATX -> AT power supply conversion

This page describes how to convert an ATX power supply into an AT one.

Recently, AT power supplies have become harder and harder to find, and I think they won't be available in some years.

It is possible to convert an ATX power supply into an AT one, but I didn't find anything which explained how to do it on the net,

so I decided to do it myself.

You could also use an ATX->AT converter cable, but they're hard to find unless you shop on the Internet.

Here's how you have to convert it:

To do this you need two AT-style 6-pin molexes, which you can get from a dead power supply, or you can get them from two dead ATX power

supplies (but I don't think the wire colors will be the same!).

1) Cut the wires from the 20/24-pin ATX molex.

2) Strip the plastic from the wires using a knife.

3) Now, connect the green wire (PS_ON) to any black wire (GND, ground). This is needed so that the power supply powers on when you

    press the switch behind it, just like an AT power supply. ATX power supplies are turned on fully by motherboard, ATs by the switch

    When I say connect, I mean twist them together and tape them with electrical tape.

4) Connect the orange wire (on the AT molex) to the the grey wire (the one you cut off from the ATX molex). This is needed so it indicates

    that power is good.

5) Now connect the red wires from the AT molex to the red ones cut from the ATX power supply, and so on...

    You need to do so with the red wires (+5V), black wires (ground), blue wire (-12V), yellow wire (+12V), and white wire (-5V).

    It's obviously all direct current.

6) Plug the AT molexes put on the "hacked" power supply in your AT motherboard, plug the AT cable

    in the "hacked" power supply and turn it on.

    Some ATX power supplies lack a power on switch altogether (like some cheap Gigabyte branded ones)

    so it's recommended you use an external switch for those.

Hopefully everything should go fine now, and you will have a new AT power supply! You won't have to get them in the trash or from some

used computer place anymore.

I've tested this on my AMD 386SX-40 powered Forcom M396F motherboard.

Written by nextvolume on July 22nd, 2009

Някой пробвал ли е подобно нещо ? ;)

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  • Administrator

трябва да стане ..

Не отговарям на постове написани с шльокавица!

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