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Излязла е нова версия на RouterOS v7.13.4


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7.13.4 changelog:

1. When upgrading by using "check-for-updates", all versions earlier than 7.12 will display 7.12 as the latest available version. Upgrade from v7.12 to v7.13 or later versions must be done through 7.12 in order to convert wireless packages automatically. Fresh installation with Netinstall or manual package installation works in the same manner as always.

2. Drivers for older wireless and 60GHz interfaces, as well as the wireless management system CAPsMAN, are now part of a separate "wireless" package instead of being a part of the bundle package. This package can be uninstalled if not needed.

3. The existing "wifiwave2" package has been divided into distinct packages: "wifi-qcom" and "wifi-qcom-ac", and the necessary utilities for WiFi management are now included in the RouterOS bundle. RouterOS and "wifi-qcom-ac" packages alongside each other now fit into 16MB flash memory.

What's new in 7.13.4 (2024-Feb-07 11:59):

*) bridge - avoid per-VLAN host flushing on HW offloaded bridge (introduced in v7.13);
*) defconf - fixed firewall rule for IPv6 UDP traceroute;
*) leds - fixed modem LED indication for SXT LTE 3-7 (introduced in v7.13);
*) lte - fixed Simcom modem support in 0x9000; 0x9002, 0x9002; 0x901a and 0x901b USB compositions (introduced in v7.13);
*) ovpn - improved system stability when using HW encryption on ARM64 devices (introduced in v7.13);
*) route-filter - fixed AS path matchers when input and output chains are used;

Свали от тук

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