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What's new in 7.4beta4 (2022-Jun-15 14:04):

*) container - added support for running Docker (TM) containers on ARM, ARM64 and x86;
*) defconf - fixed default configuration loading on devices with WifiWave2 package;
*) dhcp-relay - fixed DHCPv6 relay forward and reply creation (introduced in v7.1.3);
*) dhcp-server - change "vendor-class-id" matcher to generic option matcher;
*) dot1x - fixed "undo" command for server instances;
*) l2tp - improved stability when establishing l2tp-ether connection (introduced in v7.3);
*) leds - fixed GPS LED configuration on LtAP LTE kit;
*) leds - fixed LTE signal strength LED configuration on LHGG LTE kit;
*) leds - fixed LTE signal strength LED configuration on LtAP LTE kit;
*) lte - added AT chat support for Dell dw5821e modem;
*) lte - fixed LTE interface running state after modem reconnection;
*) mqtt - fixed socket error handling;
*) netwatch - added support for more advanced probing;
*) ovpn - fixed "called-station-id" RADIUS attribute value for OVPN server;
*) ppp - do not fail connection when trying to add existing IP address to address list;
*) ppp - log warning message when remote IP address can not be added;
*) route - changed "mode" setting to "exclude" for group management protocol (CLI only);
*) route - made export run faster on tables with a large number of dynamic routes;
*) routing-filter - added origin matcher to match for example routes of a specific OSPF instance;
*) routing-filter - made "do-jump" work in select rules;
*) ssh - fixed host key generation (introduced in v7.3);
*) switch - fixed multicast flooding when HW offloaded bridge port gets disabled;
*) system - fixed configuration reset with "run-after-reset" with file stored on ramdisk;
*) upgrade - improved RouterOS upgrade stability with attached USB modem on MIPSBE, SMIPS and MMIPS devices;
*) w60g - improved interface initialization after being inactive for a while;
*) wifiwave2 - added initial support for roaming (802.11r) between local AP interfaces;
*) winbox - fixed filename dropdown value filtering;
*) x86 - fixed Broadcom NIC support;

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