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Излязла е нова версия на RouterOS v7.1.1


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7.1.1 changelog:

*) backup - added "force-v6-to-v7-configuration-upgrade" option on backup load to clear RouterOS v7 configuration and trigger reimport of RouterOS v6 route configuration (CLI only);
*) backup - fixed automatic backup generation when resetting configuration;
*) bgp - improvements on detecting peers local address when IPv6 link-local addresses are used;
*) capsman - improved system stability when processing CAP packet by Mangle;
*) dhcpv4-server - allow adding comments;
*) ethernet - improved system stability when receiving large packets on devices with 88F3720 CPU (nRAY, LHGG);
*) l3hw - fixed HW offloaded routing when using 7 or more VLAN interfaces;
*) l3hw - fixed bonding source MAC address;
*) l3hw - improved system stability when using 7 or more VLAN interfaces;
*) ntp - print log change time with time-zone applied;
*) ospf - fixed distance if "originate-default" is set to "always";
*) ospf - fixed neighbor stuck in ExStart;
*) ospf - fixed simple authentication;
*) ospf - improved overall stability;
*) ospf - improves stability when handling looped back OSPF packets;
*) upgrade - improved 404 error handling when checking for new versions;
*) webfig - fixed user policy lookup for skin designer;
*) winbox - made "Routing Filters/Rules" table sortable;
*) winbox - moved "IP/Route/Nexthops" and "IPv6/Route/Nexthops" menus to "Routing/Nexthops";
*) winbox - updated default "Routing/BGP/Peer Cache" table appearance;

Свали от тук

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