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2 VLANs and DHCP only for 1



Hi folks I am new to VLANs, and I really need your help here, I am also willing to buy beer for the one who wants to help - I AM SERIOUS!
1) my router is: rb4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN - it has wireless - 2 of them as well as 2 switches - total 10 ports + 2 wireless 
2) My internet provider is using 2 VLANs 1101 for internet and 1110 for IPTV
- 1101 is working with static IP and MAC - and I want to have DHCP server for ports 2,3,4,5 + wifi1 and wifi2 - I believe I need to untag the VLAN
- 1110 is for IPTV they have DHCP server that is giving the ip addresses to the IPTV boxes so it is like forward and untag I believe. I would like to use the second switch for that - ports 6,7,8,9,10

I followed few tutorials and the best I've got was for the ISP to see me and I had ping from the router to internet but no internet on any port or wifi.
Again Thank you so much in advance and I am willing to get you beer as soon as I have working config

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Уж местоположението е България, уж е български форум, а пишеш на инглиш ?

По темата назначаваш си виланите на етер 1, като 1101 ще ти бъде WAN, a 1110 ще го разтагнеш в бъдещият бридж за ТВ в който ще ти бъдат етер портове от 6 до 10. Другият бридж , който ще създадеш за LAN ще вкараш споменатите етер портове от 2 до 5 и двете радиа. Слагаш си адрес на бриджа и си сетваш DHCP сървър на него. Оправяш си в стената филтрите и сорс нат правилото и си готов на първо четене !

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