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Излязла е нова версия на RouterOS v6.47.8


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6.47.8 changelog:

*) arm - improved system stability;
*) bgp - treat route target with AS 65535 as two byte AS;
*) branding - fixed imported skin presence;
*) bridge - fixed BPDU guard port disable/enable on HW offloaded interfaces;
*) disk - improved disk management service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) dns - improved stability with large table of static records;
*) ike1 - allow using "my-id" parameter with XAuth;
*) leds - fixed LED type setting;
*) metarouter - fixed directory entry reporting;
*) profile - fixed process classification on x86 systems (introduced in v6.47);
*) quickset - fixed wireless client "uptime" counter in "Home Mesh" mode;
*) sstp - fixed "idle-timeout" on TILE and CHR devices;
*) system - replace "3" in superscript to "^3" on RBD53GR devices;
*) upgrade - do not try installing packages if download was not completed;
*) winbox - added "operator" parameter under "Interface/LTE" menu;
*) winbox - added "reformat-hold-button-max" parameter under "System/RouterBOARD/Settings" menu;
*) winbox - added "tls-mode" parameter under "CAPsMAN/Security Cfg." menu;
*) winbox - added "tx-rx-1024-max" counter under "Interface/Overall-Stats" for CRS3xx devices;
*) winbox - do not allow MAC address changes on LTE interfaces;
*) winbox - show "System/Health" only on boards that have health monitoring;
*) winbox - show "System/RouterBOARD/Mode Button" on devices that have such feature;
*) winbox - show "usb-bus" option on all boards that have it;
*) winbox - show "usb-type" option on all boards that have it;
*) winbox - sort IPv6 firewall "chain" parameter entries alphabetically;
*) wireless - added support for U-NII-2 US and Canada country profiles for mANTBox series devices;

Свали от тук

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