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Излязла е нова версия на RouterOS v6.47


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6.47 changelog:

Important note!!!

- The Dude server must be updated to monitor v6.46.4 and v6.47beta30+ RouterOS type devices.
- The Dude client must be manually upgraded after upgrading The Dude server.
- The Dude requires "winbox" policy instead of "dude" to monitor v6.46.4 and v6.47beta30+ RouterOS type devices.
- Make sure LTE APN Profile name does not match any of the DHCP server's names if LTE passthrough is used.

!) dns - added client side support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) (RFC8484);
!) socks - added support for SOCKS5 (RFC 1928);
!) user - enable "winbox" policy for groups with "dude" policy automatically on upgrade;

Changes in this release:

*) api - added ECDHE cipher support for "api-ssl" service;
*) bonding - improved slave interface MAC address handling;
*) bonding - prefer primary slave MAC address for bonding interface;
*) branding - do not ask to confirm configuration applied from branding package;
*) branding - fixed identity setting from branding package;
*) branding - improved branding package installation process when another branding package is already installed;
*) bridge - added logging debug message when a host MAC address is learned on a different bridge port;
*) bridge - added warning message when a bridge port gets dynamically added to VLAN range;
*) bridge - correctly remove disabled MSTI;
*) bridge - improved hardware offloading enabling/disabling;
*) certificate - added "skid" and "akid" values for detailed print;
*) certificate - allow dynamic CRL removal;
*) certificate - disabled CRL usage by default;
*) certificate - do not use SSL for first CRL update;
*) chr - added support for file system quiescing;
*) chr - added support for hardware watchdog on ESXI;
*) chr - enabled support for VMBus protocol version 4.1;
*) chr - improved system stability when running CHR on Hyper-V;
*) crs3xx - correctly remove switch rules on CRS317-1G-16S+ and CRS309-1G-8S+ devices;
*) crs3xx - fixed "ingress-rate" property on CRS309-1G-8S+, CRS312-4C+8XG, CRS326-24S+2Q+ devices;
*) crs3xx - fixed hardware offloaded bonding on Ethernet interfaces for CRS354 devices;
*) crs3xx - improved 10G interface initialization on CRS312 devices;
*) crs3xx - improved switch host table updating;
*) crs3xx - show correct switch model for netPower 15FR device;
*) defconf - fixed default configuration initialization if power loss occurred during the process;
*) dhcpv4 - added end option (255) validation for both server and client;
*) dhcpv4-client - improved stability when changing client while still receiving advertisements;
*) dhcpv4-server - disallow zero lease-time setting;
*) dhcpv6-client - improved error logging when when renewed address differs;
*) dhcpv6-server - do not require "server" parameter for bindings;
*) dhcpv6-server - fixed MAC address retrieving from DUID when timestamp is present;
*) discovery - do not send discovery packets on inactive bonding slave interfaces;
*) discovery - do not send discovery packets on interfaces that are blocked by STP;
*) disk - improved disk management service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) disk - improved recently created file survival after reboots;
*) dns - added support for exclusive dynamic DNS server usage from IPsec;
*) dns - added support for forwarding DNS queries of static entries to specific server;
*) dns - added support for multiple type static entries;
*) dot1x - added "radius-mac-format" parameter;
*) dot1x - added hex value support for RADIUS switch rules;
*) dot1x - added range "dst-port" support for RADIUS switch rules;
*) dot1x - added support for lower case "mac-auth" RADIUS formats;
*) dot1x - fixed "reject-vlan-id" value range;
*) dot1x - fixed dynamically created switch rule removal when client disconnects;
*) dot1x - fixed port blocking when interface changes state from disabled to enabled;
*) dot1x - improved Dot1X service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) dot1x - improved debug logging output to "dot1x" topic;
*) dot1x - improved value validation for dynamically created switch rules;
*) email - added support for multiple "to" recipients;
*) ethernet - fixed interface stopping responding after blink command execution on CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS;
*) fetch - fixed "User-Agent" usage if provided by "http-header-field";
*) graphing - improved graphing service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) health - added "gauges" submenu with SNMP OID reporting;
*) health - improved stability for system health monitor on CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS;
*) hotspot - updated splash page design ('/ip hotspot reset-html' required);
*) ike1 - added error message when specifying "my-id" for XAuth identity;
*) ike1 - added support for "UNITY_DEF_DOMAIN" and "UNITY_SPLITDNS_NAME" payload attributes;
*) ike1 - do not try to keep phase 2 when purging phase 1;
*) ike1 - improved policy lookup with specific protocol;
*) ike1 - improved stability when performing policy lookup on non-existant peer;
*) ike2 - added support for "INTERNAL_DNS_DOMAIN" payload attribute;
*) ike2 - added support for RADIUS Disconnect-Request message handling;
*) ike2 - added support for RFC8598;
*) ike2 - allow initiator address change before authentication;
*) ike2 - fixed authentication handling when initiator disconnects before RADIUS response;
*) interface - improved system stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) interface - increased loopback interface MTU to 65536;
*) ipsec - added "split-dns" parameter support for mode configuration;
*) ipsec - added "use-responder-dns" parameter support;
*) ipsec - allow specifying two peers for a single policy for failover;
*) ipsec - control CRL validation with global "use-crl" setting;
*) ipsec - do full certificate validation for identities with explicit certificate;
*) ipsec - fixed minor spelling mistake in logs;
*) ipsec - improved IPsec service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) ipsec - place dynamically created IPsec policies by L2TP client at the begining of the table;
*) kidcontrol - ignore IPv6 multicast MAC addresses;
*) l2tp - added "src-address" parameter for L2TP client;
*) l2tp - added "use-peer-dns" parameter for L2TP client;
*) l2tp - improved dynamically created IPsec configuration updating;
*) l2tp - use L2TP interface when adding dynamic IPsec peer;
*) lcd - fixed LCD service becoming unavailable on devices without LCD screen;
*) lcd - improved general system stability when LCD is not present;
*) led - fixed minor typo in LED warning message;
*) log - added logging entry when changing user's password;
*) log - added tunnel endpoint address to establishment and disconnect logging entries;
*) log - made startup script failures log as critical errors;
*) lte - added support for Huawei K5161 modem;
*) lte - added support for NEOWAY N720;
*) lte - added support for multiple passthrough APN configuration;
*) lte - do not allow running "scan" on R11e-4G;
*) lte - fixed "allow-roaming" setting when using LTE network mode on R11e-LTE;
*) lte - fixed "band" parameter persistence after disable/enable;
*) lte - fixed "ecno" and "rscp" value reporting on R11e-LTE6;
*) lte - fixed VLAN interface passthrough support;
*) lte - fixed multiple APN reactivation after deactivation by operator;
*) lte - improved stability during firmware upgrade;
*) lte - made "mac-address" parameter read-only;
*) lte - show "phy-cellid" value only in LTE mode;
*) netinstall - removed "Flashfig" from Netinstall;
*) netinstall - removed "Make Floppy" from Netinstall;
*) netinstall - signed netinstall.exe with Digital Signature;
*) netwatch - improved Netwatch service stability when invalid configuration values are passed;
*) ovpn - added "use-peer-dns" parameter for OVPN client;
*) port - removed serial console port on hEX S;
*) ppp - added "Acct-Session-Id" attribute to "Access-Request" messages;
*) ppp - added support for ZTE MF90;
*) ppp - fixed minor typo when running "info" command;
*) ppp - removed "comment", "set" and "edit" commands from "PPP->Active" menu;
*) pptp - added "use-peer-dns" parameter for PPTP client;
*) profile - added support for CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS;
*) proxy - increased minimal free RAM that can not be used for proxy services;
*) qsfp - added support for FEC mode (fec74), with the FEC mode disabled by default;
*) quickset - do not show "SINR" field in Quick Set when there is no data;
*) quickset - fixed invalid configuration applying when performing changes during LTE modem initialization process;
*) quickset - removed "EARFCN" field from Quick Set;
*) quickset - removed "LTE band" setting from Quick Set;
*) quickset - show "Antenna Gain" setting on devices without built-in antennas;
*) quickset - use "station-wds" mode when connecting to AP with RouterOS flag;
*) route - improved system stability after reboot with large amount of VLAN interfaces with PPPoE servers attached;
*) routerboard - added "hold-time" parameter to mode-button menu;
*) routerboard - added "reset-button" menu - custom command execution with reset button;
*) routing - improved IGMP-Proxy service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) routing - improved routing service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) sfp28 - added support for FEC modes (fec74 and fec91), with fec91 mode already enabled by default;
*) sniffer - allow setting port for "streaming-server";
*) snmp - added "dot1qTpFdbTable" OID reporting for Q-BRIDGE-MIB;
*) snmp - changed "upsEstimatedMinutesRemaining" reported value from seconds to minutes;
*) snmp - fixed "dot1dBasePort" index offset for BRIDGE-MIB;
*) snmp - improved OID policy checking and error reporting on "set" command;
*) snmp - improved stability when polling MAC address related OID;
*) ssh - improved SSH service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) supout - added "dot1x" section to supout files;
*) supout - improved UPS information reporting;
*) switch - correctly display switch statistics when all switch ports are disabled on RTL8367 switch chip;
*) switch - correctly enable and disable CPU Flow Control on RB3011UiAS;
*) switch - made "auto" the default value for "vlan-id" parameter when creating a new static host entry;
*) system - correctly handle Generic Receive Offloading (GRO) for MPLS traffic;
*) system - improved driver loading speed on startup;
*) tr069-client - added LTE firmware update functionality support;
*) tr069-client - added additional LTE information parameters;
*) tr069-client - added additional wireless registration table parameters;
*) tr069-client - added interface type parameter support;
*) tr069-client - added multiple simultaneous session support for diagnostics test;
*) tr069-client - added total connection tracking entries parameter;
*) tr069-client - removed warning log message when not using HTTPS;
*) traffic-flow - added "postDestinationMacAddress" parameter support for IPFIX and NetFlow v9;
*) upgrade - fixed space handling in package file names;
*) ups - added battery info for APC SmartUPS 2200;
*) ups - improved compatibility with APC Smart UPS 1000 and 1500;
*) user - improved user management service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) w60g - fixed link status logging;
*) w60g - improved rate selection in low traffic conditions;
*) w60g - use "arp" and "mtu" parameters from master interface when creating a new station;
*) webfig - fixed 5 GHz wireless interface "frequency" parameter value list on Audience;
*) webfig - fixed WinBox download link;
*) webfig - fixed skin usage from branding package;
*) webfig - updated icon design;
*) winbox - added "Rate" parameter for switch ACL rules;
*) winbox - added "auth-info" parameter under "Dot1X->Active" menu;
*) winbox - added "auth-types", "comment", "mac-auth-mode" and "reject-vlan-id" parameters for Dot1X server;
*) winbox - added "auto-erase" option to "Tool/SMS" menu;
*) winbox - added "bus" parameter for "USB Power Reset" command on NetMetal ac^2;
*) winbox - added "bus" parameter for "USB Power Reset" command on RBM33G;
*) winbox - added "comment" parameter and "dynamic" flag support under "Switch->Rule" table;
*) winbox - added "comment" parameter for Dot1X client;
*) winbox - added "region" parameter for W60G interfaces;
*) winbox - added "skip-dfs-channels" parameter to wireless interface menu;
*) winbox - added comment support for "Switch->VLAN" menu;
*) winbox - added enable and disable buttons for "MPLS->MPLS Interface" table;
*) winbox - added support for inline bar graphs for LTE signal values;
*) winbox - aligned all "IP->Traffic Flow->IPFIX" check boxes in single line (WinBox v3.22 required);
*) winbox - allow setting "Primary" parameter for "balance-tlb" bonding interfaces;
*) winbox - allow to specify any Ethernet like interface under "Tool/WoL" menu;
*) winbox - do not allow to enter empty strings in "caps-man-names" and "common-name" parameters;
*) winbox - fixed "BGP Origin" value display under "IPv6->Routes" menu;
*) winbox - fixed "Data Rate" checkbox alignment (WinBox v3.22 required);
*) winbox - fixed "Tx/Rx Signal Strength" value presence for 4 chain interfaces;
*) winbox - fixed WDS usage when connecting to RouterOS access point using QuickSet;
*) winbox - fixed bonding type interface support for "Switch->Host" table;
*) winbox - fixed dates and times in interface link up/down properties (WinBox v3.24 required);
*) winbox - fixed wireless interface "HT" tab setting presence when "band=5ghz-n/ac";
*) winbox - fixed wireless sniffer parameter setting;
*) winbox - limit number of simultaneous WinBox sessions to 5 for users without "write" permission;
*) winbox - made "yes" the default value for "Inject Summary LSAs" parameter when creating a new NSSA or STUB area;
*) winbox - removed duplicate "join-eui", "dev-eui", "counter", "chain", "size" and "payload" parameters under "LoRa/Traffic";
*) winbox - renamed "Routerboard" to "RouterBOARD" under "System/RouterBOARD" menu;
*) winbox - show "Hardware Offload" parameter for bonding interfaces;
*) winbox - updated icon design;
*) wireless - added "russia 6ghz" regulatory domain information;
*) wireless - enabled unicast flood for DHCP traffic on ARM architecture access points;
*) wireless - fixed Nstreme wireless protocol performance decrease;
*) wireless - improved management service stability when receiving bogus packets;
*) wireless - updated "egypt" regulatory domain information;
*) wireless - updated "russia4" regulatory domain information;
*) www - added "tls-version" parameter in "IP->Services" menu;

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