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Работи по-добре от предишните. Иска активиране на нов ключ с WinBox пуснат на комп с достъп до нета. Скриптовете може да не вървят вече. Последната версия е 4.1. Не съм имал проблеми от 3.25 насам с нито една версия.

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При мен още с 3.30 се смени ключа.Промени в интерфейса?Някакви нови функции?Че даже и много набързо пуснаха 4.1.

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[pre]What's new in 4.1:

*) fixed problem - RB750 (clocked at 300MHz) Ethernet did not work;

*) fixed problem - routes on some interfaces (like VLAN) were not activated;

*) ppp, gps, sms, serial terminal - allow use of different channels

    on same port across multiple programs simultaneous

*) dhcp server - added support for dynamic address-list entries;

*) hotspot - added support for dynamic address-list entries;

*) hotspot - fixed redirect after login in case if client gets new IP address

  (problem introduced in 3.28);

What's new in 4.0:

*) IT87XX hardware monitoring sensor support;

*) kvm allows to choose emulated nic model;

*) hotspot - fixed redirect after login in case if client gets new IP address

  (problem introduced in 3.28);

*) hotspot - fixed redirect after login in case if client gets new IP address;

*) console - commands like 'monitor', 'torch' and others that periodically

    refresh information sometimes failed to work when started from

    the scheduler;

*) console - scheduled scripts no longer require 'test' policy to run;

*) console - fix issues with scripts that contain lines with trailing spaces;

*) console - add back compatibility with old scripts that use space instead

    of '=' to separate argument name and value;

*) console - following fixes:

    - accept item numbers when prompted by command to specify item;

    - argument names without '=' were matched even when expecting unnamed

        value; this broke code such as:

          :foreach i in=1,2,3 do {}

      here 'i' was matched as argument name "in";

    - 'tab' key did not automatically append '=' after complete argument


What's new in 4.0rc1:

*) console - removed support for Lua (will be reintroduced later);

*) incorporated all the bug fixes since v3.30;

*) port remote-access - added 'log-file' property. If value is a non-empty

    string, then all data that is read from the port is appended to a file

    with that name, regardless of the active remote connection;

*) console - removed '/user' from the output of top level '/export' command,

    still can be exported by '/user export';

What's new in 4.0beta4:

*) routing - changed BGP network and default-originate behavior;

*) web proxy - allow to edit error page;

*) console - terminal window size change now does not trigger full terminal


*) mesh protocol - improved loop prevention (becomes incompatible with earlier versions);

*) incorporated all the bug fixes since v3.27;

What's new in 4.0beta3:

*) added support for 802.11n atheros based wireless cards;

*) added ability to run other OSs in MetaROUTERs;

*) console: Lua scripting language. http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Lua[/][/]

*) console: added nstreme-dual OIDs;

*) incorporated all the bug fixes since v3.23;

What's new in 4.0beta2:

*) console: added 'without-paging' argument to 'monitor' commands;

*) console: now 'without-paging' and 'interval' arguments in of 'print'

    commands work together. Printing can be stopped by pressing 'q' or

    ctrl-c, any other key triggers printing;

*) incorporated all the bug fixes since v3.22;

*) fixed TFTP server logging;

*) fixed problem - "/system upgrade" did not show proper package

  architecture and was unable to fetch new packages;

What's new in 4.0beta1:

*) added support for MetaROUTERs;

*) all test packages are regular ones;

*) console - can mix named and unnamed arguments, can use names for unnamed

    argument values. For example all of the following commands are

    accepted now:

      /ping count=4

      /ping address= count=4

      /ping count=4


Като това не е пълен списък на промените. Тук вписват само каквото решат.

Най-вече новата версия 4 се възползва от 11n и от виртуализирането което се поддържа от процесорите на AMD и Intel т.е. виртуалните машинит пуснати под RouterOS 4 вече трябва да вървят още по-добре, според: http://www.mikrotik.com/pdf/newsletter21.pdf

The new version introduces a new Virtualization

mechanism, next to the existing Xen and MetaRouter -

the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).

KVM works much faster than Xen, and it directly supports

the hardware virtualization features of Intel and AMD

processors. For Intel it’s called VT-x and for AMD it’s

called AMD-V.

If you have a X86 machine with a CPU that supports

one of these technologies, you can use KVM for higher

performance, better reliability and other benefits. For

example, our new implementation of KVM has a newer

kernel, which means more hardware support, and easier

development for MikroTik to include new features. We

have planned many new exciting Virtualization features in

upcoming RouterOS versions.

Read more about X86 Hardware virtualization and which

processors are supported:


And about RouterOS virtualization systems:


RouterBOARD switch chips

New RouterOS v4 also includes new RouterBOARD

switch functionality, Port Switching, Port Mirroring and

others. To see which of these features your device

supports, and how to configure them, see this new

article in our wiki documentation:


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  • Administrator

не са и написали че са върнали стария User Manager

новия в бетите има доста повече опции

като импорт и експорт на базата данни в UMD формат

и елементарен начин да си направиш темплеит за ваучерите

и поставяне на свое лого на потребителската страница

Харесай поста ^^^
acer.gif htc.gifsigpic4024_2.gif

Форумът е за взаимопомощ а не за свършване на чужда работа

ɹɐǝɥ uɐɔ noʎ ǝɹoɯ ǝɥʇ 'ǝɯoɔǝq noʎ ɹǝʇǝınb ǝɥʇ

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въпроса който май и самите Mikrotik отбягват е

работи ли Nstreme с новите N-карти във v4 , вече финална ? и отстранени ли са проблемите с WDS ?

защото в бетите определено не работеха....

не съм се зачитал сериозно скоро из техния форум и не съм пробвал сам...

но май ми се струва че не са оправили нищо...

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