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Излязла е нова версия на RouterOS v6.46


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6.46 changelog:

!) lora - added support for LoRaWAN low-power wide-area network technology for MIPSBE, MMIPS and ARM;
!) package - accept only packages with original filenames (CVE-2019-3976);
!) package - improved package signature verification (CVE-2019-3977);
!) security - fixed improper handling of DNS responses (CVE-2019-3978, CVE-2019-3979);

Changes in this release:

*) backup - fixed automatic backup file generation when configuration reset by button;
*) backup - store automatically created backup file in "flash" directory;
*) bonding - correctly remove HW offloaded bonding with ARP monitoring;
*) bonding - properly handle MAC addresses when bonding WLAN interfaces;
*) bridge - disable/enable bridge port when setting bpdu-guard;
*) bridge - do not add bridge as untagged VLAN member when frame-types=admit-only-vlan-tagged;
*) bridge - do not add dynamically VLAN entry when changing "pvid" property for non-vlan aware bridge;
*) bridge - include whole VLAN-id in DHCP Option 82 message;
*) btest - removed duplicate "duration" parameter;
*) capsman - fixed background scan showing incorrect regulatory domain mismatch error (CAP upgrade required);
*) capsman - fixed channel auto reselection;
*) capsman - fixed MAC address detection for "common-name" parameter in certificate requests;
*) capsman - improved DFS channel switching when radar detected;
*) capsman - improved radar detection algorithm;
*) ccr - improved general system stability;
*) certificate - added progress bar when creating certificate request;
*) certificate - added support for certificate request signing with EC keys;
*) certificate - allow specifying "file-name" parameter for export (CLI only);
*) certificate - allow specifying "name" parameter for import (CLI only);
*) certificate - improved CRL updating process;
*) certificate - removed "key-size" parameter for "create-certificate-request" command;
*) chr - added support for Azure guest agent;
*) console - added bitwise operator support for "ip6" data type;
*) console - fixed "address" column width when printing DHCPv4 leases;
*) console - fixed IP conversion to "num" data type;
*) console - fixed "tobool" conversion;
*) console - properly detect IPv6 address as "ip6" data type;
*) crs1xx/2xx - allow to set trunk port as mirroring target;
*) crs3xx - correctly handle L2MTU change;
*) crs3xx - do not send pause frames when ethernet "tx-flow-control" is disabled on CRS326/CRS328/CRS305 devices;
*) crs3xx - improved interface initialization;
*) crs3xx - improved switch-chip resource allocation on CRS317-1G-16S+, CRS309-1G-8S+, CRS312-4C+8XG, CRS326-24S+2Q+ devices;
*) crs3xx - improved system stability on CRS309-1G-8S+, CRS312-4C+8XG, CRS326-24S+2Q+ devices;
*) crs3xx - remove previously set mirror-source property before changing it;
*) defconf - fixed default configuration loading on RBmAPL-2nD (introduced in v6.45);
*) defconf - require "policy" permission to print default configuration;
*) dhcpv4-client - allow empty "dhcp-options" parameter when adding new client;
*) dhcpv4-client - fixed "dhcp-options" parameter setting when adding new client;
*) dhcpv4-server - improved stability when RADIUS Interim update is sent;
*) dhcpv6-client - fixed timeout when doing rebind;
*) dhcpv6-client - properly update bind time when unused prefix received from the server;
*) dhcpv6-client - properly update IPv6 address on rebind;
*) dhcpv6-server - fixed logged error message when using "address-pool=static-only";
*) dhcpv6-server - ignore prefix-hint from client's DHCPDISCOVER if static prefix received from RADIUS;
*) dhcpv6-server - include "User-Name" parameter in accounting requests;
*) dhcpv6-server - made "calling-station-id" contain MAC address if DUID contains it;
*) dot1x - added "reject-vlan-id" server parameter (CLI only);
*) dot1x - added support for dynamic switch rules from RADIUS;
*) dot1x - added support for "mac-auth" authentication type (CLI only);
*) ethernet - automatically detect interface when using IP address for power-cycle-ping;
*) ethernet - do not enable interface after reboot that is already disabled;
*) ethernet - send requests only from ethernet interface when using MAC address for power-cycle-ping;
*) export - always export "ssid" value for w60g interfaces;
*) fetch - do not allocate extra 500KiB on SMIPS;
*) fetch - improved stability when processing large output data;
*) gps - use "serial1" as default port on RBLtAP-2HnD;
*) hotspot - fixed non-local NAT redirection to port TCP/64873;
*) hotspot - fixed RADIUS CoA "address-list" update;
*) ike1 - fixed minor spelling mistake in logs;
*) ike2 - improved CHILD SA rekey process with Apple iOS 13;
*) ike2 - improved stability when retransmitting first packet as responder;
*) ipsec - added "error" topic for identity check failure logging messages;
*) ipsec - fixed DNS resolving when domain has only AAAA entries;
*) ipsec - fixed policy "sa-src-address" detection from "local-address" (introduced in v6.45);
*) ipv6 - changed "advertise-dns" default value to "yes";
*) led - fixed default LED configuration for RBLHG-2nD and RBLHG-5HPnD;
*) log - increased log message length limit to 1024 characters;
*) lte - added support for D402 modem;
*) lte - added support for LM960A18;
*) lte - added support for Telit LM960 and LE910C1 modems;
*) lte - do not allow setting 3G and GSM modes on LTE only modems;
*) lte - fixed band setting on R11e-4G;
*) lte - fixed network registration on R11e-LTE-US;
*) lte - fixed Sierra WP7601 driver loading;
*) lte - fix "operator" names not being displayed properly;
*) lte - improved modem initialization;
*) lte - show "primary-band" only for LTE modems;
*) lte - use /128 prefix for IPv6 address on LTE interface;
*) lte - use interface from RA when "ipv6-interface=none" and IPv6 enabled;
*) ppp - added 3GPP IoT "access-technology" definitions;
*) ppp - added support for Sierra WP7601;
*) ppp - disable DTR send when using at-chat;
*) quickset - added "LTE AP Dual" mode support;
*) quickset - added "LTE APN" dropdown support;
*) quickset - fixed "LTE Band" checkbox display;
*) route - fixed area range summary route installation in VRF;
*) routerboard - fixed default CPU frequency on RB750r2 ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
*) routerboard - fixed USB configuration export on RBLtAP-2HnD;
*) routerboard - hide "memory-frequency" parameter for RBLtAP-2HnD;
*) sniffer - allow filtering by packet size;
*) snmp - added "disabled" and "comment" parameters for communities;
*) snmp - added option to monitor "link-downs" parameter using MIKROTIK-MIB;
*) snmp - fixed "dot1dBasePort" index offset for BRIDGE-MIB;
*) snmp - fixed "ifLastChange" OID reporting for IF-MIB;
*) snmp - fixed "radio-name" (mtxrWlRtabRadioName) OID support;
*) snmp - improved interface status reporting for IfOperStatus OID;
*) snmp - improved LLDP interface returned index and type;
*) snmp - return only interfaces with MAC addresses for LLDP;
*) snmp - use "src-address" also for traps;
*) ssh - fixed output printing when "command" parameter used;
*) supout - include information from all LTE interfaces;
*) supout - removed "file" option from "/system sup-output" command;
*) switch - added "comment" property for switch vlan menu (CLI only);
*) switch - correctly update dynamic switch rule when dhcp-snooping is enabled;
*) switch - ignore "default-vlan-id" property after switch reset on RTL8367 switch chip;
*) switch - show "external" flag for bridge hosts on MT7621, RTL8367 switch chips;
*) timezone - updated time zone database to version 2019c;
*) tr069-client - added CellDiagnostics parameter support;
*) tr069-client - added LTE band and cellular technology selection parameters;
*) tr069-client - added LTE RSCP, ECNO and ICCID parameter support;
*) tr069-client - added multiple LTE monitoring parameters;
*) tr069-client - reconnect to ACS when "ConnectionRequestURL" is updated;
*) upgrade - improved auto package updating using "check-for-updates";
*) ups - improved compatibility with APC UPS's;
*) usb - general USB modem stability improvements;
*) userman - updated Authorize.Net to use SHA512 hashing;
*) w60g - added "region" setting to limit allowed frequencies (CLI only);
*) w60g - do not reset link when changing comment on station;
*) w60g - fixed "monitor" command on disabled interfaces;
*) w60g - move stations to new bridge when "put-in-bridge" parameter is changed;
*) webfig - fixed link to Winbox download;
*) winbox - added "ip-address" and stats columns in "IP/Kid-Control/Devices" menu;
*) winbox - added "public-address-ipv6" parameter to "IP/Cloud" menu;
*) winbox - added "reset-counters" button to "IP/Kid Control/Devices" menu;
*) winbox - added "tx-info-field" parameter to "Wireless/W60G" menu;
*) winbox - added "Vendor Classes" tab in "IP/DHCP Server" menu;
*) winbox - added wireless alignment LED types to "System/LEDs" menu;
*) winbox - fixed allowed range for bridge filter "new-priority" parameter;
*) winbox - fixed "CAPs Scanner" stopping;
*) winbox - fixed "cluster-id" parameter setting in "Routing/BGP/Instances" menu;
*) winbox - fixed file locking when uploading multiple files at once;
*) winbox - fixed firewall limit parameter support for rates more than 4G;
*) winbox - fixed invalid flag presence in "IP/SMB/Shares" menu;
*) winbox - fixed "Routing" menu icon presence when there is no routing package installed;
*) winbox - improved stability when transfering multiple files between multiple windows;
*) winbox - properly show timestamp in file "Creation Time" field;
*) winbox - removed "Set CA Passphrase" button from "Certificate" menu;
*) winbox - renamed "Queue Limit" to "Queue Size" for "pcq-upload-default" and "pcq-download-default" parameters;
*) winbox - replaced "kb" with "KiB" in "Tools/Packet Sniffer" menu;
*) winbox - show "Switch" menu on RBwAPGR-5HacD2HnD;
*) winbox - show "System/RouterBOARD/Mode Button" on devices that have such feature;
*) wireless - added 4 chain MCS support for 802.11n wireless protocol (CLI only);
*) wireless - added "ETSI" regulatory domain information;
*) wireless - added "indonesia4" regulatory domain information;
*) wireless - added "push-button-5s" value for "wps-mode" parameter;
*) wireless - added U-NII-2 support forRBSXTsqG-5acD, RBLHGG-5acD-XL, RBLHGG-5acD, RBLDFG-5acD, RBDiscG-5acD;
*) wireless - allow using "canada2" regulatory domain on US lock devices;
*) wireless - fixed 802.11n rate selection when managed by CAPsMAN;
*) wireless - fixed RX chain selection;
*) wireless - fixed sensor MAC address reporting in TZSP header;
*) wireless - improved 802.11ac stability for all ARM devices with wireless;
*) wireless - improved IPQ4019, QCA9984, QCA9888 wireless interface stability;
*) wireless - updated "ukraine" regulatory domain information;
*) wireless - updated "united-states" regulatory domain information;

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