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Download the new RouterOS 6.2 release over the torrent network: http://www.mikrotik.com/download/routeros-ALL-6.2.torrent

Otherwise please visit http://www.mikrotik.com/download to pick exact version!

6.2 changelog:

*) console - added "on-error" argument to ':do' command that is executed if command raises error;

*) hotspot - fixed chap error after failed http-chap login (broken in v6.1);

*) console - added new ':return' command that interrupts execution of script and passes argument as return value if script was called as function;

*) routerboot - fixed upgrade from RouterOS (could fail on some units);

*) userman - fixed payment gateway response notify processing;

*) console - resolved issue with 'from-pool' propery in '/ipv6 address';

*) console - array value syntax in expressions '{1;2;3;4}' now can specify values with word keys as '{a=1;b=2}';

*) console - added 'verbose' argument to '/import' command that enables line-by-line script import. By default import whole script at once and don't print it, as it was in version 6.0;

*) console - ':global', ':local' and ':set' commands have new parameter 'do' that allows assigning block of commands to the variable;

*) console - global variables now are common to all users and are available to all users with at least "read,write,test,policy" policy;

*) console - fixed parameter passing to scripts. Script parameters can be accessed without declaring them with ':local' and ':global' commands. For backwards compatibility global variables are first looked up in script parametrs;

*) console - '$var 1 2 a="a" b="b"' syntax for passing parameters to commands stored in a variable. Parameters are accessed as '$1' '$2' '$a' '$b';

*) ipsec - fixed peer address matching;

*) ups - query smart ups capabilities before issuing any commands;

*) improved CCR responsiveness on other interfaces when one interface is under attack;

*) sms tool - added sim-pin setting;

*) dhcp server - framed routes are now also added to the server routing table;

*) dhcpv6 server - added binding-script option;

*) proxy - allow multiple src-address for ipv4 and ipv6;

*) eoip,gre tunnels could occasionally crash multicore router;

*) fixed bug - sometimes some types of interfaces would stop working;

*) ipsec sometimes could crash kernel on CCR;

*) connection tracking sometimes could crash kernel on CCR;

*) ppp,pptp,l2tp,sstp - added default-route-distance parameter;

*) scep - "/cert scep ra" merged into "/cert scep client" without saving ra config;

*) ipsec - fix phase1 autonegotiation on little endian platforms;

*) pppoe server - allow service with empty service-name to accept all pppoe clients;

*) lcd - current-screen option is replaced with "/lcd show" command

*) lcd - current-interface option is replaced with "/lcd interface display" command

*) graphing - make graphs stable on ppp & ovpn interfaces;

*) www, hotspot - fixed problem when www service stopped responding on high load;

*) winbox, webfig: allow to enter space in the text fields;

*) webfig - fixed configuration of VPLS & routing filters;

*) lcd - added option for enabling or disabling the touch screen;

*) lcd - added options for screen switching;

*) lcd - up to 10 non-physical interfaces can now be added to the lcd;

*) lcd - all interface graph screen can now be customized from /lcd interface page;

*) backup - changed default backup file name to --.backup for file browsers to sort them properly;

*) webfig - it did not work in Opera;

*) webfig - made terminal work again;

*) winbox - added ability to fully set up traffic generator in winbox;

*) trafficgen - allow ranges for ip addrs and udp ports;

*) trafficgen - add tcp header support;

*) queue simple - fixed bug - actual queue order sometimes was wrong;

*) queue simple - queue is not invalid when at least one of target interfaces is up;

*) fixed crash when setting master-port on AR8327 switch chips;

*) fixed addresslist - dynamic entries sometimes would still show up even afther being timed out;

*) added /ip settings allow-hw-fast-path setting to control AR8327N hardware ipv4 fast path;

*) vrrp - allow more than one vrrp on interface;




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