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RouterOS 6.42.4 [Current]



6.42.4 changelog:

*) bridge - allow to make changes for bridge port when it is interface list;
*) bridge - fixed FastPath for bridge master interfaces (introduced in v6.42);
*) certificate - fixed "add-scep" template existence check when signing certificate;
*) chr - fixed adding MSTI entries;
*) chr - fixed boot on hosts older than Windows Server 2012 when running CHR on Hyper-V;
*) chr - fixed various network hang scenarios when running CHR on Hyper-V;
*) console - fixed script permissions if script is executed by other RouterOS service;
*) dhcpv4-server - fixed DHCP server that was stuck on invalid state;
*) health - changed "PSU-Voltage" to "PSU-State" for CRS328-4C-20S-4S+;
*) health - fixed incorrect PSU index for CRS328-4C-20S-4S+;
*) ipsec - improved reliability on IPsec hardware encryption for RB1100Dx4;
*) kidcontrol - fixed dynamically created firewall rules order;
*) led - added "dark-mode" functionality for hEX S and SXTsq 5 ac devices;
*) led - fixed CCR1016-12S-1S+ LED behaviour after Netinstall (introduced in v6.41rc58);
*) led - use routers uptime as a starting point when turning off LEDs if option was not enabled on boot;
*) ppp - fixed "hunged up" grammar to "hung up" within PPP log messages;
*) quickset - added missing wireless "channel-width" settings;
*) quickset - added support for "5ghz-a/n" band when CPE mode is used;
*) snmp - added remote CAP count OID for CAPsMAN;
*) snmp - fixed readings for CAPsMAN slave interfaces;
*) supout - added "partitions" section to supout file;
*) usb - properly detect USB 3.0 flash on RBM33G when jumper is removed;
*) userman - improved unique username generation process when adding batch of users;
*) w60g - improved RAM memoy allocation processes;
*) winbox - added missing "dscp" and "clamp-tcp-mss" settings to IPv6 tunnels;
*) winbox - allow to specify full URL in SCEP certificate signing process;
*) winbox - by default specify keepalive timeout value for tunnel type interfaces;
*) winbox - show "scep-url" for certificates;
*) winbox - show "System/Health" only on boards that have health monitoring;
*) winbox - show firmware upgrade message at the bottom of "System/RouterBOARD" menu;
*) wireless - enable all chains by default on devices without external antennas after configuration reset;
*) wireless - improved Nv2 reliability on ARM devices;

Download the new 'RouterOS 6.42.4' version here: https://www.mikrotik.com/download


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