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RouterOS 6.42rc28 [Release candidate]



6.42rc28 changelog:

*) chr - added "virtio-scsi" driver on KVM installations;
*) chr - added support for Hyper-V ballooning;
*) chr - added support for Hyper-V guest quiescing;
*) chr - added support for Hyper-V host-guest file transfer;
*) chr - added support for Hyper-V integration services;
*) chr - added support for Hyper-V static IP injection;
*) chr - added support for NIC hot-plug on VMware and Xen installations;
*) chr - fixed additional disk detaching on Xen installations;
*) ipsec - properly detect interface for "mode-config" client IP address assignment;
*) gps - improved NMEA sentence handling;
*) r11e-lte - improved LTE connection initialization process;

Other changes since 6.41.2:

!) tile - improved overall system performance and stability ("/system routerboard upgrade" required);
*) bridge - fixed false MAC address learning on hAP ac2, cAP ac;
*) bridge - fixed incorrect "fast-forward" enabling when ports were switched;
*) bridge - hide options for disabled bridge features in CLI;
*) bridge - show "hw" flags only on Ethernet interfaces and interface lists;
*) capsman - added "allow-signal-out-of-range" option for Access List entries (CLI only);
*) capsman - added support for "interface-list" in Access List entries (CLI only);
*) capsman - added support for "interface-list" in datapath (CLI only);
*) capsman - improved CAPsMAN responsiveness on systems with large amount of CAP interfaces;
*) capsman - log "signal-strength" when successfully connected to AP;
*) certificate - added PKCS#10 version check;
*) certificate - dropped DES support and added AES instead for SCEP;
*) certificate - dropped MD5 support and require SHA1 as minimum for SCEP;
*) chr - added "open-vm-tools" on VMware installations;
*) chr - added "qemu-guest-agent" on KVM installations;
*) chr - added "xe-daemon" on Xen installations;
*) chr - automatically generate new system ID on first startup;
*) chr - fixed fresh installations (including ISO images) (introduced in v6.42rc24);
*) chr - fixed interface naming order when adding more than 4 interfaces on VMware installations;
*) chr - fixed suspend on Xen installations;
*) chr - make additional disks visible under "/disk" on Xen installations;
*) chr - make virtio disks visible under "/disk" on KVM installations;
*) console - fixed "idpr-cmtp" protocol by changing its value from 39 to 38 (CLI only);
*) crs1xx/2xx - added BPDU value for "ingress-vlan-translation" menu "protocol" option;
*) crs3xx - added initial hw-offload support for 802.3ad and balance-xor bonding
*) crs3xx - added switch port "storm-rate" limiting options;
*) detnet - fixed "detect-internet" feature unavailability if router had too long identity (introduced v6.41);
*) dhcpv4-server - added "dns-none" option to "/ip dhcp-server network dns";
*) dhcpv6 - make sure that time is set before restoring bindings;
*) dhcpv6-client - added info exchange support;
*) dhcpv6-client - added possibility to specify options;
*) dhcpv6-client - added support for options 15 and 16;
*) dhcpv6-client - implement confirm after reboot;
*) dhcpv6-server - added DHCPv4 style user options;
*) export - fixed "/system routerboard mode-button" compact export;
*) fetch - added "output" option for all modes in order to return result to file, variable or ignore it;
*) firewall - fixed "tls-host" firewall feature (introduced v6.41);
*) ike1 - display error message when peer requests "mode-config" when it is not configured;
*) ike1 - do not accept "mode-config" reply more than once;
*) interface - improved interface configuration responsiveness;
*) ippool - added ability to specify comment;
*) ipsec - fixed AES-CTR and AES-GCM support on RB1200;
*) kidcontrol - initial work on "/ip kid-control" feature;
*) lte - added initial support for SIM7600 LTE modem interface;
*) lte - do not add DHCP client on LTE modems that doesn't use DHCP;
*) lte - fixed DHCP client adding for MF823 modem;
*) mac-ping - fixed duplicate responses;
*) modem - added initial support for AC340U;
*) poe-out - do not show "poe-out-current" on devices which can not determine it;
*) ppp - added initial support for NETGEAR AC340U and ZyXEL WAH1604;
*) ppp - allow to override remote user PPP profile via "Mikrotik-Group";
*) quickset - properly detect LTE interface on startup;
*) quickset - show "G" flag for guest users;
*) routerboard - added RouterBOOT "auto-upgrade" after RouterOS upgrade (extra reboot required);
*) smb - improved NetBIOS name handling and stability;
*) sniffer - fixed situation when "/tool sniffer packet" returned packets in incorrect order;
*) snmp - added "/caps-man interface print oid";
*) snmp - added "/interface w60g print oid";
*) snmp - improved request processing performance for wireless and CAP interfaces;
*) ssh - improved key import error messages;
*) switch - hide "ingress-rate" and "egress-rate" for non-crs3xx switches;
*) tile - added "aes-ctr" hardware acceleration support;
*) tile - fixed occasional reporting of bogus voltage;
*) tr069-client - added "DownloadDiagnostics" and "UploadDiagnostics";
*) tr069-client - fixed HTTPS authentication process;
*) upgrade - improved RouterOS upgrade process and restrict upgrade from RouterOS older than v5.16;
*) userman - added support for ARM and MMIPS platform;
*) winbox - added "crl-store" setting to certficate settings;
*) winbox - added "insert-queue-before" to DHCP server;
*) winbox - added DHCPv6 client info request type and updated statuses;
*) winbox - added possibility to delete SMS from inbox;
*) winbox - allow to comment new object without committing it;
*) winbox - allow to open bridge host entry;
*) winbox - fixed "/tool e-mail send" attachment behavior;
*) winbox - fixed typo from "UPtime" to "Uptime";
*) winbox - fixed Winbox closing when viewing graph which does not contain any data;
*) winbox - improved stability when using trackpad scrolling in large lists;
*) winbox - show Bridge Port PVID column by default;
*) wireless - added "realm-raw" setting for "/interface wireless interworking-profiles" (CLI only);
*) wireless - added initial support for "nstreme-plus";
*) wireless - added initial support for "nstreme-plus";
*) wireless - added support for "band=5ghz-n/ac" (CLI only);
*) wireless - added support for "interface-list" in Access List entries (CLI only);
*) wireless - fixed "wds-slave" channel selection when single frequency is specified;
*) wireless - fixed incompatibility with macOS clients;
*) wireless - fixed long "scan-list" entries not working for ARM based wireless interfaces;
*) wireless - fixed nv2 protocol on ARM platform SXTsq devices;
*) wireless - improved compatibility with specific wireless AC standard clients;
*) wireless - improved packet processing on ARM platform devices;
*) wireless - improved wireless scan functionality for devices with multiple wireless interfaces;

Download the new 'RouterOS 6.42rc28' version here: https://www.mikrotik.com/download


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