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RouterOS 6.42rc5 [Release candidate]



6.42rc5 changelog:

*) bridge - fixed bridge related settings conversation during upgrade from pre-v6.41 bridge implementation (introduced v6.41);
*) bridge - properly update "actual-mtu" after MTU value changes (introduced v6.41);
*) capsman - improved CAPsMAN responsiveness on systems with large amount of CAP interfaces;
*) detnet - additional work on "detect-internet" implementation;
*) detnet - fixed "detect-internet" feature unavailability if router had too long identity (introduced v6.41);
*) discovery - fixed discovery related settings conversation during upgrade from pre-v6.41 discovery implementation (introduced v6.41);
*) firewall - fixed "tls-host" firewall matcher (introduced v6.41);
*) ike1 - display error message when peer requests "mode-config" when it is not configured;
*) ike1 - fixed “aes-ctr” and “aes-gcm” encryption algorithms (introduced v6.41);
*) ike2 - improve half-open connection handling;
*) interface - improved interface configuration responsiveness;
*) log - properly report bridge interface MAC address changes;
*) poe-out - do not show "poe-out-current" on devices which can not determine it;
*) rb1100ahx4 - fixed reset button responsiveness when regular firmware is used;
*) ssh - improved key import error messages;
*) tile - added "aes-ctr" hardware acceleration support;
*) tr069-client - fixed HTTPS authentication process;
*) wireless - fixed nv2 protocol on ARM platform SXTsq devices;
*) wireless - improved wireless scan functionality for devices with multiple wireless interfaces;

Other changes since 6.41:

*) dude - fixed e-mail notifications when default port is not used;
*) firewall - limited maximum "address-list-timeout" value to 35w3d13h13m56s;
*) routerboot - fixed missing upgrade firmware for "ar7240" devices;
*) tile - fixed USB device speed detection after reboot;
*) traffic-flow - do not count single extra packet per each flow;

Download the new 'RouterOS 6.42rc5' version here: https://www.mikrotik.com/download


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