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RouterOS 6.40rc19 released [Release candidate]



6.40rc19 changelog:

*) ike1 - send phase1 delete;
*) ike2 - added RADIUS attributes "Framed-Pool", "Framed-Ip-Address", "Framed-Ip-Netmask";
*) ipsec - added "firewall=add-notrack" peer option (CLI only);
*) l2tp-server - added "one-session-per-host" option;
*) ovpn - improved performance when receiving too many options;
*) wireless - fixed registration table "signal-strength" reporting for chains when using nv2;

Other changes since 6.39.2:

*) btest - fixed crash when packet size has been changed during test;
*) capsman - fixed EAP identity reporting in "registration-table";
*) capsman - set minimal "caps-man-names" and "caps-man-certificate-common-names" length to 1 char;
*) chr - maximal system disk size now limited to 16GB;
*) conntrack - fixed IPv6 connection tracking enable/disable;
*) defconf - added IPv6 default firewall configuration (IPv6 package must be enabled on reset);
*) defconf - improved IPv4 default firewall configuration;
*) defconf - renamed address static DNS entry from "router" to "router.lan";
*) dns - remove all dynamic cache RRs of same type when adding static entry;
*) ethernet - fixed forced 10Mbps full-duplex linking on 100Mbps Ethernet ports;
*) export - added "terse" option;
*) fastpath - improved performance when packets for slowpath are received;
*) fetch - added "src-address" parameter for HTTP and HTTPS;
*) firewall - fixed cosmetic "inactive" flag when item was disabled;
*) hotspot - added "address-list" support in "walled-garden" IP section;
*) hotspot - require "dns-name" to contain "." symbol under Hotspot Server Profile configuration;
*) ike1 - added support for "framed-pool" RADIUS attribute;
*) ike1 - fixed minor memory leak on peer configuration change;
*) ike1 - kill phase1 instead of rekey if "mode-config" is used;
*) ike1 - removed SAs on DPD;
*) ike2 - added pfkey kernel return checks;
*) ike2 - added support for "mode-config" static address;
*) ike2 - by default use "/24" netmask for peer IP address in split net;
*) ike2 - prefer traffic selector with "mode-config" address;
*) ipsec - added information in console XML for "mode-config" menu;
*) ipsec - enabled modp2048 DH group by default;
*) ipsec - fixed connections cleanup on policy or proposal modification;
*) ipsec - optimized logging under IPSec topic;
*) ipsec - removed policy priority;
*) l2tp - fixed handling of pre-authenticated L2TP sessions with CHAP authentication;
*) log - added "poe-out" topic;
*) log - improved "l2tp" logs;
*) log - optimized "wireless,info" topic logs;
*) log - work on false CPU/RAM overclocked alarms;
*) lte - added additional driver support for DWR-910;
*) lte - added initial support for "NTT DoCoMo" modem;
*) lte - improved SMS delivery report;
*) ppp - improved MLPPP packet forwarding performance;
*) proxy - fixed potential crash;
*) quickset - added "Band" setting to "CPE" and "PTP CPE" modes;
*) quickset - use active user name and permissions when applying changes;
*) routing - allow to disable "all" interface entry in BFD;
*) snmp - fixed crash on interface table get;
*) snmp - added "ifindex" on interface traps;
*) snmp - added ability to set "src-address";
*) socks - fixed crash while processing many simultaneous sessions;
*) tr069-client - fixed lost HTTP header on authorization;
*) ups - show correct "line-voltage" value for usbhid UPS devices;
*) winbox - added "eap-identity" to CAPsMAN registration table;
*) winbox - added "no-dad" setting to IPv6 addresses;
*) winbox - added "reselect-channel" to CAPsMAN interfaces;
*) winbox - added TR069 support;
*) wireless - NAK any methods except MS-CHAPv2 as inner method in PEAP;
*) wireless - added option to change "nv2-downlink-ratio" for nv2 protocol;
*) wireless - added option to set "fixed-downlink" mode for nv2 protocol;
*) wireless - allow VirutalAP on Level0 (24h demo) license;
*) wireless - always use "multicast-helper" when DHCP is being used;
*) wireless - do not skip >2462 channels if interface is WDS slave;
*) wireless - fixed 802.11u wireless request processing;
*) wireless - fixed EAP PEAP success processing;
*) wireless - fixed compatibility with "AR5212" wireless chips;Download the new 'RouterOS 6.40rc19 released' over the torrent network: https://www.mikrotik.com/download/routeros-ALL-6.40rc19.torrentOtherwise please visit https://www.mikrotik.com/download/changelogs


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