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RouterOS 6.5 released



Download the new RouterOS 6.5 release over the torrent network: http://www.mikrotik.com/download/routeros-ALL-6.5.torrent
Otherwise please visit http://www.mikrotik.com/download to pick exact version!

6.5 changelog:

*) tftp - added data packet pipelining for read requests;
*) console - exported physical interface configuration uses 'default-name' instead of item number to match relevant interface;
*) console - report all constituent errors for parameters with multiple alternative value types;
*) certificates - merge '/certificate ca' into '/certificate', use set-ca-passphrase to maintain CA functionality;
*) lcd - backlight option is replaced with "/lcd backlight" command
*) dhcp server - added option to disable conflict-detection;
*) console - ':return' does not trigger 'on-error=' action of ':do' command;
*) route - fixed crash that could be triggered by change in nexthop address resolution;
*) route - some imported VPNv4 routes were not using MPLS labels;
*) route - imported VPNv4 routes were not always updated or removed when the original route changed;
*) winbox - fixed problem where all settings were read only on first open;
*) ovpn server - use only ciphers that are allowed not that client requested;
*) ssh client - fixed public key authentication;
*) ipsec - fix peer mathing with non byte aligned masks;
*) fix routerboot upgrading if RouterOS is partitioned;
*) add support for second serial port on CCR boards;
*) fix serial port baudrate selection on CCR boards;
*) ethernet interface stats that are behind switch chip show real hw stats instead of just the traffic that goes through cpu;


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