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Излязла е нова версия на RouterOS v6.40.5

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*) certificate - fixed import of certificates with empty SKID;
*) crs3xx - fixed 100% CPU usage after interface related changes;
*) firewall - do not NAT address to after reboot if to-address is used but not specified;
*) ike1 - fixed crash after downgrade if DH groups 19,20,21 were used for phase1;
*) ike1 - fixed RSA authentication for Windows clients behind NAT;
*) ipsec - fixed lost value for "remote-certificate" parameter after disable/enable;
*) ipv6 - fixed IPv6 addresses constructed from prefix and static address entry;
*) log - properly recognize MikroTik specific RADIUS attributes;
*) lte - do not reset modem when it is not possible to access SMS storage;
*) lte - fixed modem initialization after reboot;
*) lte - fixed PIN option after setting up the band;
*) sms - include time stamps in SMS delivery reports;
*) sms - properly initialize SMS storage;
*) snmp - fixed "/system license" parameters for CHR;
*) winbox - allow shorten bytes to k,M,G in Hotspot user limits;
*) wireless - fixed rate selection process when "rate-set=configured" and NV2 protocol is used;

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