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    • bgoptic
      By bgoptic
      RBLHGG-60ad kit                                                    2 комплекта                       210лв./комплекта
      RBLHGG-60ad kit                                                    2 комплекта                       350лв./комплекта
      MIKROTIK RBwAPG-60ad kit                                1 комплект                         220лв./комплекта
      SXT SA5AC                                                              6бр.                                       130лв./бр.

      PowerBeam 2AC-400                                            1бр.                                       160лв./бр.
      За повече инфо телефон: +420 77 три 016 шест 17(viber) или на Л.С.
    • bgoptic
      By bgoptic
      MikroTik Omnitik 5AC-5HacD                                                 2бр.                             90лв./бр.
      PowerBeam 2AC-400                                                               1бр.                             165лв.
      Захранване  MEANWELL AD-155C                                       5бр.                             30лв./бр.      
                              MEANWELL AD-155B                                       5бр.                              30лв./бр.
      За повече инфо телефон: +420 77 три 016 шест 17(viber) или на Л.С.
    • bgoptic
      By bgoptic
      Nanobridge m5-400                              3бр.                                 70лв./бр.
      Nanobridge m5-300                              1бр.                                 65лв./бр.
      SXT 5ac                                                   3бр.                                 65лв./бр.
      SXT SA5 ac                                             1бр.                                 70лв./бр.
      SXT Lite5 ac                                           2бр.                                  55лв./бр.
      SXT Lite5                                                 4бр.                                  50лв./бр.
      SXT 5nDr2                                               1бр.                                  40лв./бр.
      SXT Lite5 ac                                            1бр.                                  70лв./бр.
      SXT SA5 ac                                              1бр.                                  90лв./бр.
      mean well 24v                                         3бр.                                  45лв./бр.
      mean well 48v                                         1бр.                                  45лв./бр.
      PoE Panel 19'' 12port Gb                       2бр.                                  50лв./бр.
      За повече инфо телефон: +420 77 три 016 шест 17(viber) или на Л.С.
    • bgoptic
      By bgoptic
      Powerbeam Gen2                           3бр                     150лв/бр 
      Rocket 5AC-Lite                              4бр                      150лв/бр
      SXT Lite5 ac                                    2бр                        70лв/бр
      Omnitik 5HacD                               1бр                       100лв/бр
      Захранване AD-155B                   1бр                         50лв/бр
      Nanobridge m5-400                    1бр                          75лв/бр
      Groove 52nHP                              1бр                          55лв/бр
      SXT 5ac                                         1бр                          75лв/бр
      SXT Lite5 ac                                  1бр                          55лв/бр
      SXT Lite5                                       1бр                          50лв/бр
      За повече инфо телефон: +420 77 три 016 шест 17(viber) или на Л.С.
    • bgoptic
      By bgoptic
      PowerBeam ac Gen2                                      2бр.                            160лв./бр.
      PowerBeam 5ac-300                                      1бр.                            130лв./бр.
      SXT 5HPacD SA                                            10бр.                            110лв./бр.
      SXT 5HacD2n                                                  4бр.                             75лв./бр.
      OmniTik G-5HacD                                           3бр                              130лв./бр.
      TP-Link TL-SG108                                          2бр.                              35лв./бр.
      TP-Link TL-SL2428                                          1бр.                            130лв./бр.
      POE Panel ZQ-POE-12-GUA                           1бр.                             65лв./бр.
      Injector Gigabit PoE 6 PORT                          5бр.                             35лв./бр.
      Захранване MeanWell AD-155B  24v           5бр.                            60лв./бр.
                             MeanWell AD-155C  48v           1бр.                            60лв./бр.
      OmniTik U-5HnD                                           1бр.                        80лв./бр.
      SXT 5AC                                                        2бр.                         75лв./бр.
      SXT Lite5 AC                                                1бр.                         65лв./бр.
      SXT Lite5                                                      1бр.                         60лв./бр.
      SXT 5nDr2                                                    2бр.                         50лв./бр.
      Nanobridge m5-400                                    1бр.                         75лв./бр.
      За повече инфо телефон: +420 77 три 016 шест 17(viber) или на Л.С.
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