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Vesuvius Streamline


Hi all,


Recently we’ve seen an unusual number of reports about Ubiquiti devices being compromised and getting infected with a virus/worm. 


We wanted to reach out to as many customers as possible to warn of the potential for this attack and provide some information to help protect your devices and prevent this from happening. 


This only affects devices using outdated firmware. 


We have provided a fix / patch tool you can use in case any devices on your network have become affected:



We also strongly encourage the following tips to ensure your devices are protected: 

1) Run the latest firmware! There are various security vulnerabilities we have fixed in the last year.

2) Block access to management interfaces (SSH, HTTP, HTTPS) from outside/public access via firewall rules

3) Change default ubnt/ubnt login credentials


If you have any questions, please email us (support@ubnt.com).


Best Regards,

Ubiquiti Networks

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      SXT Lite5                                       1бр                          50лв/бр
      За повече инфо телефон: +420 77 три 016 шест 17(viber) или на Л.С.
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