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Microsoft черната магия


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имат нужда от черни магьосници

Academic and Technical  Audience Manager                                                          [table][tr]                [td]Ref.No[/td][td]ADE-01[/td]            [/tr]                        [tr]                [td]Описание и

Изисквания[/td][td]                                      Microsoft Bulgaria is looking to recruit as a project assignment  an Academic and Technical Audience Manager for one of its main divisions  – Business Marketing and Operations. The role adds value to Microsoft  by building a well-managed relationship with Academic technical  communities through increasing the student usage of Microsoft  technologies and aligning relevant marketing activities with the common  goal of improving overall audience satisfaction and image.

We are looking for somebody to be locally focused and responsible for  securing platform adoption through community engagement and intelligent  audience marketing.

As Academic and Technical Audience Manager your main responsibilities  will be to:

•  Increase satisfied student usage of Microsoft products and technology

•  Improve perception towards Microsoft amongst students and their  educators

•  Increase satisfaction and image of the audience with focus on “Earning  Hearts and Minds” of the technical audience (developers, IT  professionals, designers, architects)

•  Increase brand preference, loyalty and overall image with technical  audience through well balanced programs focusing on depth and breadth  engagement at scale.

•  Participate in academic developer online student and faculty community

•  Leverage worldwide audience programs as part of the local strategy for  driving broad audience awareness.

Successful candidates should exhibit the following qualities:

•  University degree, preferably in technology and marketing area

•  Working knowledge of Microsoft developer languages and tools. Working  knowledge of competitive platform, languages and tools.

•  Experience in engaging communities/building relationships with key  community influencers

•  Ability to delivery technical content on university campuses, academic  events, product launches and user group meetings to both – small and  large audiences.

•  Ability to market the benefits of the Microsoft’s platform and  technologies to universities in order to ensure students have access to  free developer tools and resources;

•  Unabated passion for technology and Microsoft.

•  Excellent verbal and written communications skills as well as strong  interpersonal skills to professionally represent Microsoft. A keen eye  for unobvious opportunities.

•  Ability to deliver articulated effective and audience-appropriate  presentations/demonstrations.

•  Fluency in English

Being part of Microsoft means:

•  You will work with a team of great professionals that is ready to  support your on-going learning and development;

•  You will have the opportunity to expand your business knowledge and  experience working on challenging and advanced projects hence enriching  your professional power;

•  We are ready to offer to you a competitive remuneration package and  career model aligned with leading practices in the area of performance  management.

Only short listed candidates will be approached. All applications will  be considered under the terms and conditions of confidentiality in  accordance with the regulations of personal data protection.[/td][/tr][/table]

Това е една от най-странните обяви кяото съм виждал някога.

Можех да кандидатствам и да запиша някаква тъпотия в ТУ-София може би за да се впиша в профила хахаха.  Но така като гледам се иска човек дивелъпър. Пък аз не съм се занимавал .. последно перди месеци си дивелъпнах един едър голям здрав и твърд скртипт за MikroTik

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М$ са като Исус... Мое ти да не ги обичаш, но те винаги ще те обичат ^^

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